Camp Lucy

The Camp Lucy Story

History lives on in nearly every inch
of our property

From the buildings, to the land on which we sit, the stories of Camp Lucy are endless. Join us as we highlight some special staples that make Camp Lucy so magical.



Ian’s Chapel

The chapel was the first venue structure created at Camp Lucy. This building was a Catholic church in Vietnam that was scheduled to be destroyed. The structure is built from Iron wood- one of the strongest woods in nature and therefore cannot be nailed into. Instead the building is fixed together by grooves and locks similar to “Lincoln logs.” Whit purchased the structure and transported it back to Texas where it was reassembled piece by piece using an intricate mapping system. This beloved chapel has become a staple of the Camp Lucy property.

Camp Lucy Logo

Our beloved “heart” logo can be found multiple places around property, most famously on the clay exterior tiles of most structures. While sourcing a lot of other antiques in Vietnam, owner, Whit Hanks purchased a large quantity of these hand-crafted tiles imprinted with a unique shape resembling a heart. He was struck with inspiration and thus the Camp Lucy logo was born.