Kaitlin Chatham


What is the department of focus?
The sales & management of corporate and social events (non-wedding events).

Most challenging part of your job?
Unlike weddings, corporate events are what we call a “quick turnaround”. From inquiry to the event day is only 30-60 days – whereas weddings are booked 1-1.5 years out from their event date.

What is the most exciting and fulfilling part of your job?
I love truly getting to know my clients! The diversity of clientele at Camp Lucy is truly exciting.

What initially attracted you to the job you’re doing and why?
I came to Whim Hospitality looking for a work family and now it’s been just over 5 years and I love this family of mine. Finding a company that not only cares about your professional growth but is there for your personal growth speaks volumes. When I started with this company I was single, living on my own, and starting to grow up. Now, I am a wife and a mother of two. I have grown both professionally and personally in these 5 years, and Whim Hospitality/Camp Lucy has been there every step of the way.

What is one fun fact about you?
I am a mother of two beautiful babies!

What is your favorite thing about Camp Lucy?
Every day is different! Because we have 5 venues that each attract their own clientele, a restaurant, and 40+ hotel rooms, every day is different. I’m constantly learning something new.