Whit & Kim Hanks


A consummate businessman, entrepreneur, husband, father and true Austin native, Whit’s family history is rooted in the city and state of Texas. A former real estate developer and antiques dealer, Whit imported a church from Vietnam on a lark and rebuilt it on his family’s land without any clear plan. Kim, a then event planner in the area, got wind of this elusive man on the hill, convinced him to begin hosting weddings and the rest is history. The two began converting Whit’s 200-acre family property into a wedding venue that eventually became Camp Lucy, a Texas Wine Country Resort.

As The Wedding Capital of Texas began to boom, the pair eventually created Camp Lucy’s managing company, Whim Hospitality which specialized in Catering, Florals, and Event + Tent Rentals. The love birds enjoy travel to places they have never been, often gathering inspiration and goods to enhance the company’s offerings. They are constantly dreaming about the next chapter for the company and scheming about crazy adventures for the Camp Lucy team. Together the couple has five children, two dogs (who serve as unofficial mascots) and a cat.