Behind the Design at Camp Lucy

April 28, 2021

Although we are known for many things, after one trip to our property, it is clear to see our infatuation with stylish interiors. The overall aesthetic, and affect it has on the guest experience is so important to us that it has become one of our four pillars (the foundations we are built upon and guiding posts for future projects) here at Camp Lucy.

Of the many hats I wear as CEO, this is probably my favorite area to explore during my work week. Camp Lucy is a dream project that thoughtfully continues to grow based on our client’s feedback and our continuous explorations. Our design concepts begin with collaboration, much like everything we do at Camp Lucy. We have an incredibly talented team of designers including Deborah Kirk and Paul Smith, TRLA, that have been working together at Camp Lucy for close to 15 years.

Aside from the buildings themselves, many of which are antique structures from across the globe, we continuously are procuring interesting trinkets, textiles and furniture pieces to include into our spaces. What isn’t sourced during our travels is fulfilled by a heavy ladling of antiques from Whit’s private collection and recent finds at local auctions. The ability to add in these unique items makes each guest’s experience exactly that- unique! There is a story behind every picture, tile, jar or mask. I think that’s what makes the design of Camp Lucy so interesting…. it’s the story that lies within.

In addition to treasures acquired on our travels, we also draw inspiration from the places, people and feelings we cross paths with along the way. Whit and I bring back what we consider to be “the best finds of the world” in the form of ideas and photos and from there, our team weaves it into the design of our property and spaces.

When staying or dining with us, our goal is to surprise and delight our guests once you walk through our doors. Guests continually tell me, “Wow, I didn’t expect that”, and that gives me so much pleasure. One of the best ways we accomplish this is by creating unassuming exteriors in natural color palettes that blend into the surroundings matched with surprisingly vibrant and luxurious interiors. This affect has worked time and time again and is especially powerful because our buildings were designed to be follies in the landscaping. The first consideration as we designed Camp Lucy was the landscaping with the goal for all buildings to be secondary to the natural beauty of the Texas Hill Country. Paul Smith, our landscape designer is one of the most recognized in the business for making his spaces feel like they have been there for decades. With this in mind, Paul strategically placed the buildings in a way that feels like the trees are cradling the buildings. It’s very subtle and hard to do, but the overall effect is unmatchable.

Whit and I come from very different points of view on design, but we agree on several key elements that make an impact. Keep it simple on the outside and create a wow moment inside, mix family heirlooms with travel souvenirs and sprinkle in antiques to give grounding to any daring fabrics and colorful tiles. Don’t be afraid mixing many different styles if you stay true to your color palette. We believe great spaces invoke an atmosphere where a guest is in awe yet comfortable enough to sit down and just be. We look forward to having you as our guests soon where you can hopefully do just that.


-Kim Hanks

Camp Lucy Co-Owner