Camp Lucy Couple | Amber-Lea & Sebastian

July 29, 2022

Over 10 years of celebrating love on our property, we are excited to continue our #CampLucyCouples series – a behind-the-scenes look at our couples’ magical Camp Lucy wedding moments and where they and their families are today.

Amber-Lea & Sebastian

What was your wedding date & year? February 29, 2020 (Leap Day!)

What Camp Lucy venue did you select? Sacred Oaks

What made you choose Camp Lucy to celebrate your love? It was the easiest decision! The moment we stepped through the trees at Sacred Oaks, my heart stopped, my eyes teared up, and I knew this was the place we were going to become husband and wife. The ceremony spot at Sacred Oaks is an absolute fairytale.

What was your favorite memory of your Camp Lucy experience? It’s impossible to pick just one! Our first tour, our engagement photos, our wedding day were all beautiful moments. We stayed on-site for the night leading up to the [wedding] day, and we each snuck away from our wedding parties to soak in the moment. Sebastian walked down to the river at night and I sat by the fire pit during sunrise.

My grandpa officiated our wedding, which made that moment extra special. Ringing the bell after we said “I do” was momentous. But both of us agree that our single favorite moment was when I walked down the aisle and we made eye contact for the first time that day.

Have you been back to Camp Lucy since the wedding? Not yet! COVID hit a mere 2 weeks after our wedding, so we haven’t made it back to the Austin area since. Our plan has been to take advantage of the beautiful on-site cabins every year on our anniversary and we’re looking forward to making that dream a reality starting next year!

What made your Camp Lucy wedding experience such a positive one? Everything! The planning process was stress-free, with Camp Lucy staff being there with us every step of the journey. Every staff member we met with went above and beyond to make sure we were taken care of. The [lodging] staff gifted us with a painting of the Sacred Oaks ceremony site created by local artist, Sara Wagner. The Tillie’s staff made us brunch the next day, which was delicious. Even the alpacas were kind! At the end of our wedding day, a server approached us, telling us we were the cutest couple he’d seen in his year of working there. Every interaction, every detail, every moment was special.

What are you and your family up to now? These days, we’ve been enjoying our time together as husband and wife. We’ve joked for the past two years that we were still newlyweds until we finally went on our (COVID-postponed) honeymoon and now that that finally happened this past December, we’re in full-on married couple mode. Sebastian is working as an engineer for a forensic engineering firm, and, I, Amber-Lea is studying to get her Ph.D. in counseling and play therapy. With the little free time we have, we love exploring new places and making new memories!