Camp Lucy Couple | Cassie & Steven

September 29, 2022

Over 10 years of celebrating love on our property, we are excited to continue our #CampLucyCouples series – a behind-the-scenes look at our couples’ magical Camp Lucy wedding moments and where they and their families are today.

Cassie & Steven

What was your wedding date & year? April 22, 2022


What Camp Lucy venue did you select? Sacred Oaks


What made you choose Camp Lucy to celebrate your love? I came across Camp Lucy online in 2019 and immediately decided that that’s where I would want to get married someday. It had everything I would want in a wedding and I especially loved the natural scenery and the fact that there (are) rooms and cottages on site for our families and guests to stay in.

My husband works in the film industry and happened to be shooting a movie at Camp Lucy in the summer of 2020. He showed me around via FaceTime and I fell even more in love with it. I finally got to see Campy Lucy in person when my mom and I went for a venue tour a few weeks after Steven and I got engaged in August 2021. The Sacred Oaks ceremony venue was far more captivating in person; I couldn’t imagine getting married anywhere else at that point. So we picked our date and booked it.


What was your favorite memory of your Camp Lucy experience? Everything! It was the most perfect, beautiful weekend and we couldn’t have asked for a better wedding day. The setting, weather, every person we worked with, food, drinks, florals, music, vibe, a space full of our loved ones – all of it – was beyond magical. We were on the best high the entire time. It was a blast! We had our rehearsal dinner at Whit’s Inn which was lovely.


Have you been back to Camp Lucy since the wedding? We have not been back yet, but we definitely will be – hopefully near our first anniversary in 2023. I would love to make that a tradition.


What made your Camp Lucy wedding experience such a positive one? It was all wonderful from beginning to end. The team at Camp Lucy was very helpful and professional and made the planning process seamless. We enjoyed everyone we worked with, from our account manager to our wedding-weekend bartenders. One of the best things about getting married at Camp Lucy was being able to work with Whim Hospitality. We booked our florals and rentals through Whim, and that was half the battle when it came to planning. We live in Dallas, so we traveled to Dripping Springs to plan all of this in one day, meeting after meeting. By the time we got to the florals, we had extreme decision-making fatigue, so we basically told them what colors we wanted and called it a day. Our florals turned out amazing with hardly any direction from us! It was like they read our minds.


What are you and your family up to now? Our wedding wasn’t that long ago, so there isn’t much to report, but we’ve mostly been traveling and working since then. We spent two weeks in Phuket, Thailand in June for our honeymoon, which was amazing. Steven has been living in Montana since August working on a TV show and I am enjoying my job as a staff accountant at a private elementary school in Dallas. I’m also working toward my bachelor’s in accounting degree and hope to graduate in spring 2023. Steven will be in Montana for several more months, so I will go up there and he will come home to Dallas from time to time. Our dogs, Ella (an almost-11-year-old German Shepherd mix) and Garth Brooks (a Golden Retriever who just turned nine) are happy that we finally made it official back in April. We are loving married life so far and cherish the memories we have of our beautiful Camp Lucy wedding.