Camp Lucy Couples | Glenna & Mitch

May 27, 2022

Over 10 years of celebrating love on our property, we are excited to continue our #CampLucyCouples series – a behind-the-scenes look at our couples’ magical Camp Lucy wedding moments and where they and their families are today.

Glenna & Mitch

What was your wedding date? May 11, 2012

What Camp Lucy venue did you select? We chose Ian’s Chapel. This is when there was only 1 venue option at Camp Lucy. We had our ceremony outside under the arch.

What made you choose Camp Lucy to celebrate your love? We chose Camp Lucy because it felt like everything I had always envisioned. I grew up in Dripping Springs and knew that I wanted to get married outside and in the Hill Country. Once we heard the story of how Camp Lucy was started, I immediately knew this was exactly where I wanted to get married.

What was your favorite part/memory of your Camp Lucy wedding experience? My favorite part/memory of the wedding was seeing all of my husband’s family and my family together in one setting and having the best time. Right before our wedding ceremony was supposed to start, it started raining and all of our chairs immediately were moved under the pavilion. The rain lasted less than 5 minutes, so we made the decision to quickly move all of them back under the arch and while doing this, a beautiful rainbow appeared. I was incredibly thankful for all of my friends, family and guests who had moved their chairs twice for me!

Have you been back to Camp Lucy since the wedding? Yes, what I love about Camp Lucy is that it has now grown to a beautiful destination that my husband and I can visit for our special date nights. We love Tillie’s and very soon want to spend the day at the pool and rent a cabin!

What made your Camp Lucy wedding experience such a positive one? Kim was great throughout the whole process. What I also loved, was the story of how Camp Lucy was started and how much love surrounds it.  The experience was such a magnificent feeling.

What are you and your family up to now? Since getting married in 2012, my Husband and I have now settled back in Dripping Springs to be closer to family. We now have two amazing boys, Theo who is 4 and Dallas who is 2. I have started a kids clothing line called Cool Little Ones which was inspired by nature and being outside making memories with your kids. Mitch is a CPA and loves being able to work 100% remotely.