Camp Lucy Couples | Lara & Tim

September 29, 2021

After a decade of celebrating love on our property, we are excited to continue our #CampLucyCouples series – a behind the scenes look at our couples’ magical Camp Lucy wedding moments and where they and their families are today.

Our next featured couple found Camp Lucy after the Bride’s mother attended Robin & Andrew’s nuptials– the first ever wedding at Camp Lucy!

Lara & Tim

1. What was your wedding date & year? June 9, 2012

2. What Camp Lucy venue did you select? Our ceremony took place on the Great Lawn at Ian’s Chapel beneath the tree. Reception was at the recently-completed Event’s Hall and adjacent patios.  

3. What made you choose Camp Lucy to celebrate your love? We live in Colorado and love to be outside amongst the trees. While the mountains are our home, we knew we wouldn’t have our dearest loved ones – our grandparents – with us at our wedding due to the travel it would require. We chose to get married in Texas because Lara is a native Texan and the majority of our family lives in Texas and Oklahoma. Getting married at Camp Lucy gave us the opportunity to have our dreamy outdoor wedding and allowed our grandparents and every member of our extended families to be a part of the event. 

We visited many beautiful venues in the hill country, seeking rustic elegance for a large party. My mom recommended we visit Camp Lucy because she attended Andrew and Robin Logan’s wedding the year before we were planning our wedding. When we visited Camp Lucy, we were enchanted by the unique buildings and lush landscape. It felt like the perfect location for our whimsical garden party. 

4. What was your favorite part/memory of your Camp Lucy wedding experience? Lara’s walk down the aisle… it was a long one! She walked from the chapel to the Great Lawn because she had seven escorts. Her father died in 2008, so she asked his cousins and best friends to escort her to eventually be given away by her mother and grandfather. As she stood at the doors of the chapel, she was able to see all of their friends and family seated together on the great lawn and the love was all-encompassing. That view and that procession set the tone for a night – and a marriage – surrounded and supported by friends and family. 

Tim’s fondest memory was standing with Lara under the tree as the officiant began the ceremony. Before he told people to be seated, he required a vote. Tim is an Oklahoma Sooner and Lara’s family is full of Texas Longhorns, Baylor Bears, and Aggies. Tom, the officiant, Lara’s father’s cousin and best friend – joyfully stated, “This is the first “Oakie” we invite into our family! We must take a vote whether or not to proceed! If anyone opposes this outsider, speak now or forever love and support this union!” Everyone laughed and cheered. And Tim was voted in! 
One really special memory: immediately following the ceremony, we went to the pavilion with our wedding party and had the opportunity to just hug our best friends and take a moment to enjoy them and each other before the party started. That spot allowed for such a lovely moment to pause and revel in our bliss. 
Overall, Camp Lucy allowed us to spend a beautiful, magical night among all of our family and friends in one of the most beautiful locations in Texas. 

5. What made your Camp Lucy wedding experience such a positive one? Camp Lucy provided a perfect backdrop to make our garden party dreams come true. The buildings and grounds are so lovely on their own, but allow for personalization. When we met with our florist, we said we didn’t need anything specific at the spot where we would stand for the ceremony because the tree was enough. However, our brilliant team suggested a flower cloud above our heads and a puddle of petals at our feet. The perfect enhancement to tie everything together. 

The reception venue is stunning and our team worked their magic and brought it to life with our personalized details and requests. We used both patios, One was to host a champagne and ice cream bar on one side – named Frank’s Ice Cream Bar in honor of Lara’s father who passed away 4 years prior. The other was for Tim’s whiskey and cigar bar – Breckenridge Bourbon as a nod to our hometown and a cigar roller was a surprise that Lara set up for Tim. There was something for everyone to enjoy and allowed every guest to be surprised, entertained, and comfortable. 

6. What are you and your family up to now? We still live in Breckenridge, CO. We have a 2 year old son, Frank. We have 2 dogs, Piper and Doc Holliday. Tim is the owner and manager of Breckenridge Outfitters, an Orvis endorsed fly fishing outfitter. Lara has been an elementary school teacher for the past 10 years and now volunteers to teach STEAM lessons so that she can be at home with their son.

7. Have you been back to Camp Lucy since your wedding day? We have not. But our friends and family have. They insist we get to Tillie’s as soon as possible! We’re looking forward to visiting and seeing how much it’s grown!

Vendor love from Lara & Tim’s special day|

Planner: Verve Austin
Photographer: Pamela Hults
Floral: Westbank Flower Market
Dress: BHLDN


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