Camp Lucy Couples | Taylor & Taylor

March 30, 2022

Just a short two years ago, Taylor & Taylor Steiner tied the knot under our Stone Arch at the Ian’s Chapel venue and have since been back to enjoy dinner at our on-site restaurant Tillie’s and an anniversary celebration at our hotel. Over 10 years of celebrating love on our property, we are excited to continue our #CampLucyCouples series – a behind the scenes look at our couples’ magical Camp Lucy wedding moments and where they and their families are today.

Taylor & Taylor

  1. What was your wedding date & year? January 18th, 2020


2. What Camp Lucy venue did you select? Ian’s Chapel underneath the Stone Arch.

3. What made you choose Camp Lucy to celebrate your love? My sweet husband I have been together since we were 16 years old and we are now both 31! Both of our names are Taylor and Taylor, so our wedding hashtag was #tsquared. When we first started dating, Taylor had given me James Avery Ring with this pretty heart shaped design on top. He told me that one day he was going to marry me. That day came and that symbol on the ring is the exact symbol of the Camp Lucy (Heart). As we were walking around the grounds, we came across this symbol underneath the Stone Arch which was embedded in the concrete and at that point we just knew this was the place we needed to be. 

4. What was your favorite part/memory of your Camp Lucy wedding experience? It’s certainly hard to pick just one but I would say our favorite part/memory of Campy Lucy was just the true beauty and everything that Camp Lucy had to offer. Leading up to the wedding, we could NOT WAIT to show Campy Lucy off to our friends and family. We had come up to Camp Lucy quite a few times prior to stay, as well as enjoy the breakfast, lunch, & dinner at Tillie’s (still our favorite restaurant in the whole world). We wanted everyone to experience what we had – from the hospitality, staff, and everything down to the fine details.

We were fortunate enough to have all accommodations reserved for our friends and family to stay so it made it that much more special to have everyone we love in one place for the weekend. Basically one big family reunion! We also had a little after party at Tillie’s after our rehearsal dinner on Friday night which was at Whitt’s Inn (stunning venue) and Saturday after the wedding which was FANTASTIC. They welcomed our whole crew with open arms and created a fun little drink for us called the T&T. First Class experience all the way. During the wedding day as the crew was getting ready, our friends and family got to take in all the beauty, walk around, enjoy coffee, Tillie’s, axe throwing, etc. which was extremely special to us. We felt proud to be part of Camp Lucy experience. 

5. Have you been back to Camp Lucy singe the wedding? Yes, we have been back to visit and will continue to go back. We consider it our second home! My husband planned a surprise trip for our 1 year anniversary. We stayed in one of the Vista rooms which, by the way, is so dreamy. He had also contacted Whim Florals to have an exact replica of my bouquet made so when we got into the room we were greeted with a sweet note, champagne and my beautiful bouquet. I also got to see a very dear friend and our Account Manager – Kaitlin Schmidt (Chatham). She is the sweetest human and played a huge role in making our day so special. My husband had also brought the piece of our wedding cake during our stay that was saved in a cooler and sweet Kaitlin gifted us a bottle of wine to have as we chowed down on the tradition of trying your wedding cake after the first year.

6. What made your Camp Lucy wedding experience such a positive one? The generosity and love we felt from the whole Camp Lucy family. I can 100 percent guarantee you won’t find that anywhere else and that’s something we will treasure for the rest of our lives.

7. What are you and your family up to now? Our family has grown by a dog or 2  and we also have a cat who is our pride and joy – he was actually printed on the grooms cake! We enjoy spending our time outside with our fur babies or planning outdoor adventures whether it’s hunting, fishing, or really any outdoor activity. We are thankful for all of our memories and joy we felt at Camp Lucy. If we could re-live that day all over again…we absolutely would in a heart beat.