Ian’s Chapel at Camp Lucy

November 11, 2022


Ian’s Chapel features a restored 19th-century French colonial chapel, a majestic Events Hall created from a repurposed 1800’s Amish barn originally built from hand-hewn white oak timbers in Ohio, and a dramatic, open-air Pavilion made from the ironwood timbers of a 1930’s French Colonial church and a Ludowici tile roof repurposed from the Bexar County courthouse in downtown San Antonio, Texas.

The Great Lawn and the Stone Arch provide breathtaking outdoor ceremony site options. The old-world-style brick-paved courtyard, lavish Great Lawn, and Chef-inspired catering kitchen make this venue the hallmark of Camp Lucy. Complementary on-site event spaces include two hospitality suites for each wedding party.

Photo Credit: Sophie Epton Photography




Camp Lucy’s first and original structure on the property. The chapel is a 19th-century French colonial chapel with an antique bell from Vietnam. This chapel was a catholic church in Vietnam that was scheduled to be destroyed but thankfully it was bought by our owner, Whit Hanks from an antique dealer he knew in Ninh Binh, Vietnam. The chapel was deconstructed & shipped to Dripping Springs, Texas to then be reassembled using an intricate mapping system.


FUN FACT: There is not a single nail in the wooden structure.


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Photo credit: Anna Kay Photography


Wedding outside of Ian’s Chapel. Photo credit: Lucy Struve


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The tiles found under the Ian’s Chapel bell tower are from Delores Hidalgo, Guanajuato, Mexico – near San Miguel. While Whit was on vacation with his children, he brought back these sample tiles that are all hand-painted and were later incorporated into the design of Ian’s Chapel underneath the bell tower.

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The pavilion is another building that Whit collected from the same antique dealer he acquired The Chapel from. Whit reconstructed this building on Camp Lucy as the open-air reception pavilion for Ian’s Chapel venue. This space offers a place for receptions, cocktail hour, ceremonies, and other social gatherings.

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Photo credit: September Co Photo



This Events Hall is located behind Ian’s Chapel and was built to close in the noise of a wedding reception or event from disturbing our Dripping Springs neighbors. As Camp Lucy’s designer says, “It works just like a Yeti, once the door is shut – nothing can be heard outside.” 

The bones of this building were originally a barn that was acquired from an Amish community in Ohio. Whit Hanks had purchased the barn and incorporated it into his already original designs for an events hall. Once purchased, they dismantled the barn and had it shipped back to Dripping Springs, Texas, and later opened the hall in 2011.


FUN FACT: Inside the Events Hall, the fireplace holds a stone that has a cross. This cross marked ‘safety’ to the slaves within the underground railroad system during the Civil War.

Photo credit: Feather & Twine


Fireplace inside the Ian’s Chapel Events Hall. Photo credit: The Crakes




The stunning stone arch at the Ian’s Chapel venue is another amazing ceremony site right between the pavilion and our great lawn, that offers a 360 view of the Texas Hill Country over the Dripping Springs skyline. The stone arch is made from limestone sourced from Dripping Springs… (ask paul)

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Our Great Lawn sits between all of our ceremony and event spaces within Ian’s Chapel space. This is a lush lawn surrounded by mature trees and lavish landscaping. This space can be used for cocktail hour, a dinner reception, ceremony or can be tented to keep guests safe from mother nature.

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All Hospitality Suite #2 | Photo Credit: Amanda Pomilla Photography