Welcome to The Camp Lucy Blog

March 10, 2021

Camp Lucy A Texas Wine Country Resort

Welcome friends,

We believe part of what makes Camp Lucy so magical are all of the stories that have intertwined to bring us exactly where we are today. In efforts to share our stories, and hopefully become a part of your story, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new Camp Lucy Blog.

When we hosted our first wedding over 10 years ago on Whit’s family land, we had no idea that we would one day become a full-scale resort in the hill country. While, we have many more adventures in the works, our long-term goal is to make Camp Lucy the premier food and resort destination in the South or Southwest depending how you categorize Texas. Because our values are steeped in Southern Hospitality, we want you to do much more than visit us one time for a wedding or dine once at our restaurant.  We hope to provide the opportunity to slow down to enjoy all that is Camp Lucy and return often to celebrate life’s moments big and small. We want to get to know you and allow us to entertain you time and time again.

At Camp Lucy, the four touch points we build around are: food and beverage, service, design, and programming. Through this blog, we will introduce you to specialists on our staff who will walk you through stories related to each of these topics and how they work together to create The Camp Lucy Experience.

It’s undeniable that Camp Lucy has been and will continue to be shaped by world travels.  The very buildings are repurposed from places as far as Vietnam and include art and trinkets from every stretch of the world. Whit and I have had the great fortune to travel the world together over the past ten years and separately before our lives collided.  Travel has changed the way we experience food, hospitality, culture, and growth as a shared experience on this earth together.

Because of travel, we value a certain kind of quirkiness that can only be achieved with a mix of styles and flavors collected from around the world. We will introduce lessons, teach new skills and explain how they have made their way into the fabric of how we embark on a unique hospitality experience.

Stick around to get the inside scoop as we roll out new stories each month and remember,

“the world is too big and wide to not to be a student of wonder”.


-Kim and Whit Hanks

Camp Lucy Owners