Camp Lucy

Ian’s Chapel

There are four unique meeting spaces at Ian’s Chapel, with each offering a distinct feel and space of different-sized groups. From the intimate centerpiece that gives this venue its name to the grand reception hall, there are options on this venue’s grounds to meet any demand, and allow for smaller groups to break out for added privacy and comfort.

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The Chapel
The Chapel at Ian’s had been a Vietnamese church from the 19th century before being transported and restored at Camp Lucy. It’s ideal for an intimate presentation with a pew-style seating arrangement
Events Hall
The Events Hall at Ian’s Chapel is a repurposed Amish barn with historical ties to the Underground Railroad. It is now a large banquet hall with fully-functioning fireplace and cast-iron candle-like chandeliers.
The Pavillion
The Pavilion at Ian’s Chapel is an open reception structure made of rare ironwood timbers and roofed with tiles from the original Bexar County Courthouse. It can be an open-air event space or enclosed with clear panel drop-down walls to reduce Mother Nature’s impact.
The Great Lawn
The Great Lawn at Ian’s Chapel is an outdoor space on a lush lawn accompanying a stunning stone archway and terrace that provides a gorgeous view of the rolling hills of Central Texas. Space can be tented upon request.
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